Why Women Sometimes Freak Out At The Sight Of An Erect man-hood


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If your s*x partner of several weeks, months or even years still shudders at the sight of your erect manhood, don’t think that she’s being ‘one kind.’

Rather, her action or feeling is supported by a recent scientific study, which found that women remember Pen!ses as being larger than they really were.

To prove their point, researchers at the University of California had 41 gals handle a 3D-printed man-hood for 30 seconds.

Then the study particiP@nts completed a short survey, after which they had to reach into a bin of 32 other fake Pen!ses and pick the one they held before.

As it turns out, the women generally pulled out a phony phallus that was bigger than the original one.

So, if your partner/wife considers your man-hood as bigger-than-normal, she has a scientific backing for her thinking.


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