See 8 Photos Of Buhari Since He Returned From Medical Vacation A Month Ago


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Only about a month ago, Nigerians didn’t know where the country’s president, Muhammadu Buhari was or if he was ever going to return.

He’d been away for almost two months at the time and even his closest aides were at a loss in describing his disappearance.

Sure enough, after 49 days of an indefinite medical vacation in the UK, the president finally returned home.

Although he hasn’t been seen more than a few times, these random eight photos of his show that he’s happy to be back. Generally speaking anyway.

1. Fresh off the chopper that took him from Kaduna airport to Aso Rock

We always knew you were alive sir

2. Catching up with the Central Bank governor, Godwin Emefiele

The exchange rates haven’t improved much since you left sir

3. Smiling broadly on his first day back at work

Ah my people! I’ve missed you all

4. Receiving a ridiculously large greeting card from a governor

It’s the size of our gratitude to have you back sir

5. Oshey fans!

One love my people. One love

6. One two, buckle my shoe…

Let me even see if this London shoe’s my size

7. Yemi, look at Fayose coming to FEC Meeting in short knickers …

That boy just enjoys being unruly abi, Yemi?

8. But see as dollar is coming down. Oya bring bottled water let’s pop something!

Bottled water o, Yemi. Before they say we’re still spending unholy money


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