Man Scarred In Acid Attack After A Female Friend Connived With Thieves To Steal £6,000 From Him (Photos)


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A UK based young man is currently hospitalized after he suffered second degree burns in an acid attack at his home.

According to someone who knows him and shared a photo from his hospital bed, it was a supposed female friend, who connived with thieves to steal £6,000 from him, that was responsible for the gruesome attack.

“In the early hours of Sunday 11th June, my friend was setup by a female ‘friend’ named, Xinia, to be robbed in his home. After gaining his trust, she was invited over to his home and the money was in a safe. “In the process of the robbery, he was subjected to torture and acid was thrown in his face to give information on the location of his valuables. The thieves stole £6000 along with other valuable items.

“The police are now investigating and most likely to charge the female. Not only has he been robbed for his finances but also been robbed for his life.”

The friend, who has reportedly now been arrested, started pleading with the person narrating what happened immediately after the attack and begged not to be handed over to the Police. She claimed not to have been aware that they were going to attack him with acid and insisted that she wanted to contact the thieves to return what they stole.
See her messages below…


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