Erotic Story: Tied To His Bed, Bum In The Air – Naughty Girl Narrates Explosive S*x With Lover


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I had learned to endure a lot from Niyi. I had learnt it was for my own good, as long as I remained patient until he leaned down on top of me, sticking his thumb in my asshole.

I woke up with a sudden jerk. It took me a minute to figure out where I was. I was laying on a bed, face down.
I was about to lift my head when I felt some pressure on my legs. I also realised that both my hands had been pinned above my head and tied to the headboard.
I felt his hands on my reach up my legs to my cup ass cheeks. He spread my legs apart as he slowly made his way up so that, soon, he was kneeling down between my spread legs and stroking my ass.
He leant down and I heard Niyi’s whisper in my ear. “Good morning, BabyGirl,” He said. I smiled. I loved waking up to him having his kinky way with me. He leant back up and continued stroking my bare ass.
I moaned, closing my eyes and enjoying the attention.

Suddenly, a loud slapping sound and a jolt of piercing pain ripped through my flesh. I winced at the pain from Niyi smacking my ass cheeks. hard. I said nothing, though, I was not allowed to whenever he decided to inflict pain.

Another hard slap and my breath caught. I bit my bottom lip, finding it hard not to let out a loud cry. I had learned to endure a lot from Niyi. I had learnt it was for my own good, as long as I remained patient.
The third time his palm collided loudly and painfully on my flesh, I let out an involuntary groan.
“Come on, BabyGirl, don’t tell me you cannot handle a little pain,” he said, rubbing the spot where he hit me. I said nothing while trying to fight the tears trying to escape. I knew the deal was off if he ever saw me cry.
I sighed with relief when he got off me but he soon returned. He began rubbing my ass again but this time, I felt a welcome coolness that calmed my hot, stingy bum.
I inhaled the strawberry smell of the lubricant as Niyi rubbed it all over my ass. I felt his finger slide into my asshole again and again and I moaned. My p*ssy throbbed hungrily from the way he touched me.
I smiled to myself, all the earlier pain forgotten. This was the part I liked. The part that made all the pain worth it. He rubbed and finger my asshole until I was sure it was well lubricated with the way his finger kept sliding more easily in and out each time.
He leaned down on top of me again, sticking his thumb in my asshole.
“What do you want?” he said into my ear.
“I want you. I want you to f*ck me.”
“Say it again!”
“I want you to f*ck me. Please f*ck me. Please.”
I knew exactly where and his thumbs sliding in and out just made me want it more.
“In my asshole!”
“Good. That’s good, BabyGirl.” He said and leant back up.

His cock rested in the crack of my ass and Niyi teased me some more, preparing me for what was to come. I jerked my ass towards him, letting him know I was ready.
After a few moments, he guided his hard cock inside me. I groaned out loud with pleasure and then he began pushing his hard cock in and out of my tight asshole.
I gyrated my ass against him, wishing I could rub my pussy at the same time but my restraints did not give me the chance. Niyi lifted my waist so I could dig my knees in the bed.

My ass was more accessible to him now and thankfully, his hand reached around my waist down to my pussy where he slid three fingers inside me and began to thrust.
He fingered my p*ssy in sync with the f*cking of my anus. I was moaning and thrashing as much I could. The feeling was indescribable and in a matter of minutes, I exploded.

Niyi also climaxed right alongside me, filling my anus with a very copious amount of cum.

As he slid out his cock, I felt cum dripping out of my asshole. He used the head of his dick to rub the cock in and around my ass crack then he got up and left me tied to his bed with my ass in the air.
“I will be right back,” he said, then took his clothes and left the room.

I relaxed, lying back down and trying to ignore the fact that I was still tied to the bed. I closed my eyes in an attempt to fall asleep. I had no clue when he would be back.

It could be minutes, it could be hours.
Credits: Hot Pulse


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